Organization/Club Package: Qualification

In order to qualify for a discounted price through the organization/clubs package, your organization/club must be affiliated with a school or aimed to help others out. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • On-campus university clubs
  • Humanization relief organizations
  • After school tutoring programs
  • Religious programs/organizations
  • Free/discounted clinics


A full-fledged site will be created to suit your organization/club's needs. The website will be created using Content Management Systems (CMS). If your organization/club does not have a preference to a certain CMS, SD will default to Joomla!. This will come at a discounted price (ranges from no cost to 50% off regular quote). Discount will depend on the type of organization/club.


You will need to have a hosting plan (this can be purchased from GoDaddy, HostMonster, DreamHost, etc.) You can also choose for SD to add you to their shared hosting plan for an additional cost.

What is web hosting?



Most websites contain dynamic content that constantly needs to be maintained/updated (articles, blogs, images, etc). Once your website is finalized, SD will teach/train you on how to become self-sufficient (in person if you reside in Southern California or virtually through Skype, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, etc.) Pricing will depend on selected option.


  • A skeleton/layout of how you would like your site to be structured.
  • Content. Any information you would like to be published on the website (About Us, Mission Statement, images, etc.).
  • Communication. We will need to be constantly communicating to ensure a successful translation of your submitted skeleton/layout onto a website.