Non-profit Organization Package: Qualification

In order to qualify for the NPO package, you need to be a registered non-profit organization and must provide proof with an EIN and a copy of your tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3).





A full-fledged site will be created to suit your organization's needs. The website will be created using Content Management Systems (CMS). If your organization does not have a preference to a certain CMS, SD will default to Joomla!. This will come free of charge.



If you do not own a hosting plan, DreamHost offers a free hosting plan for registered non-profits under their "Non-profit discounts." You must provide proof of NPO status by submitting your 501(c)(3) determination letter. If you need assistance with this process, please leave a note below.

What is web hosting?


Most websites contain dynamic content that constantly needs to be maintained/updated (articles, blogs, images, etc.). Once your website is finalized, SD will teach/train you on how to become self-sufficient (in person if you reside in Southern California or virtually through Skype, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, etc.) This will also come free of charge.


  • A skeleton/layout of how you would like your site to be structured.
  • Content. Any information you would like to be published on the website (About Us, Mission Statement, images, etc.).
  • Communication. We will need to be constantly communicating to ensure a successful translation of your submitted skeleton/layout onto a website.